The Badgers were back at Dundonald Road on a much sunnier day than the week before. The Badgers won the toss (3 out of 3 so far, read and it and weep Mr Barker) and elected to bat.

Rushworth (on debut) and Cloke opened - hitting an impressive 10 runs off the first over which set the tone for the rest of the match. Rushworth was unlucky to be out 4 overs later to be replaced by Dolli making a rare foray up the order. There then followed a very fun partnership between Clokey and Dolli - steady progress being made to 100 runs after 20 overs which was quickly followed by both notching up 50s. With 15 overs to go the pair were let of the leash and the boundaries flowed with quick succession. The 200 run partnership ended with Cloke (75) bowled unselfishly trying to cream a Yorker.

Dolli was joined briefly by Shone and Mcluskey before continuing with Parkinson (very good to have him back from Brum). Dolli finally succumbing to one too many big swings, bowled for 126 runs - which turns out to be a new club record.

Warman finished the innings with a flurry with two sixes to take the Badgers to 302 - another club record for a 40 over game. DP and Warman both finishing on 26.

The Badgers again did themselves proud for tea.

And then to fielding. Blake and Walker with the new ball and the Faire openers showing intent and began quickly chipping away at the Badger total above the required run rate. This progress was though regularly dented by the fall of wickets - Walker taking his first Badger wicket, Maskell making a welcome return with 3 wickets and Hirst and Rushworth also taking their first Badger wickets.

Special note to both Blake and Walker for taking two very important and difficult catches. Walker's massive diving catch is, in this writer's opinion, already a contender for champagne moment of the season!

A further highlight was DP taking over the keeping role at drinks and allowing Warman to have a bowl - and what a delightful spell it was - 6 overs, 2 wickets and an economy of less than 3 an over.

Ultimately the Badger total proved too big for Faire - finishing on 225-9. Another fun game with very nice opposition.

Badgers now 2 to 1 up for the season.

Saturday 17th May 2014 Badgers Battersea Badgers vs Faire Faire is the XI

Battersea Badgers 302 for 6 (40 overs)

  • Dollimore 126 (97)
  • Cloke 75 (99)
  • Warman 26 (11)
  • Parkinson 26 (26)

Faire is the XI 226 for 9 (40 overs)

  • Unknown 44 (33)
  • Unknown 40 (45)
  • Unknown 39 (58)
  • Unknown 32 (30)
  • Maskell-New 3/36 (8)
  • Warman 2/17 (6)
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