I am pleased to report that we have started the season with an excellent win over a good team. We actually began by winning the toss and batted first. On a green slow pitch it was hard to get the runs away and we finished on a battling 127 all out. Highlights included Cloke top scoring with 17, Charlie's first shot for the Badger's being a no nonsense arial drive over(ish) long on and JD and Stew digging in after a mid order collapse to steady the ship.

Taking the field, it is fair to say we thought we were under par and it looked like a tough job ahead to contain the oppo. After steady progress from Seveno, Foord had the break through with a nice caught and bowled.

There then occurred perhaps the most magnificent spell of bowling seen in a Badger shirt. Robin getting a prodigious amount of in-swing was too hot for the Seveno batsman and time and time again the wickets fell. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 down - he had his first 5 for ever, but not content with that he got another - 6 for Bob, Dollimore chipped in with two of his own and the match fittingly ended with Robin getting the final wicket - finishing on figures of 7-8!

Badgers win by 75 runs and a great way to start the season.

Saturday 3rd May 2014 Seveno Seveno vs Badgers Battersea Badgers

Battersea Badgers 127 for 10 (39 overs)

  • Unknown 4/14 (7)
  • Unknown 2/20 (6)

Seveno 52 for 10 (18 overs)

  • Mackrell 7/8 (5.2)
  • Dollimore 2/10 (4)
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