The tour skipper and unfortunate victim of a 21st Century version of “Where’s Wally?” on the first evening, with Morse filling his voicemail inbox up to find out where he was. Enjoyed all Prague had to offer, namely ice cream just before leaving for the airport. Carried a suitcase full of beer for 20 minutes in 30+ degree heat, hero.


Another tour, another ruined hamstring. Initially struggled with replacing Beer for Sangria but got soon into the swing of things once rum was offered up. The only Badger to choose Absinthe. Those who got to witness his rendition of “Easy” at 2am will never forget, magical.


Unluckiest Badger on tour. Having being promised to play all three games on tour following test absence, promptly split his finger webbing in the first competitive game. Likely to be the only man on the Prague tram in bloodied cricket whites. But all round great sport, and very much the Englishman abroad (mustard shorts are IN).


A man who prepares for tour like no other, hiding away in America for a year to be mentally ready for the rigours that tour would offer. It was clear that this unenforced isolation had worked, scoring a crucial 75 in one of the games. A pleasure to welcome him back and a noble partner for Josh on the piano.


One of two first time tourers and performed well. Maintained a good pace of cricket (namely running a seven with Cade) and drinking (kept up with the dangerous trio of Hamblin, Cornish and Stew Mac). Minus marks for wandering off before a game and turning up 30 minutes later looking a touch worse for wear. Could also improve his singing if the telling off at 5am for his slapdash harmonies from Hamblin are anything to go by.


Very much the elder statesman of the Thomas/Cade/Dollimore room/sweatbox/fartbox. His tour highlights being winning the intra club game on his own (quite literally at the end), face planting/sliding in the biggest club in Europe and his 30 off 29 in the last game (which despite being at over a run a ball could still be described as “holding one end up”).


A “classical” Stew Mac tour. One moment buying a bottle of champagne for a newly married couple, ironing his shirts or buying Amy a teddy bear. The other leading a chorus of Jerusalem throughout Prague at 5am or shooting my hat with a desert eagle pistol. A man who put himself through purgatory fielding cow to cow for 20 overs for the good of the team, lovely stuff.


His first non bachelor tour giving him a new found focus, the eye did not wander (well, much) on the way to a career defining 51 in the intra club game. Which begs the question, the further into a romance this man goes, will it translate to more runs? Adapted well to searing heat by quickly realising that less clothes is better.


A man we feared for, ending up with Hamblin/Cornish/Stew Mac as sleeping buddies, there was fear as to what this would lead to. However he turned this into his advantage, quietly claiming an enormous bedroom for himself and lounging around with the air of a medieval King, occasionally checking in on the underlings next door. A joy to be on tour with, delivering masterful fining sessions and a great exhibition of how one should massage another man with sun cream (with enthusiasm, considering the speed on which Shone got on top of Blake).


The Hungry Hippo feasted in Prague; Beer, Runs, Wickets, Pork, Museums, Gun Ranges? Tick tick tick. Leader of the infamous first day pub crawl around Prague and possibly the only person to bicep curl another person on the historic King Charles Bridge.


Provided one of “the” moments of Tour on day one enhancing a lovely photo of Badgers drinking with a great pennying moment. One would assume that he would not be a huge Prague fan after a diet of pig and beer causing his stomach such massive problems that he farted a hole through his trousers, but he is returning with his wife so can’t have been all bad. Provided the most brutal of innings of tour with a 80 off 37.


Practically bursting at the seams come the penultimate night to fully immerse himself in Prague’s nightlife, and immerse he did. Immersed in the sweaty embrace of three other Czech men, half naked. Provided all classic Jinks moments that you would expect on tour, and surely must be establishing himself as one of the Top Ten Wicket Keepers for the Badgers....soon. Also reached his top score for the season with a 48 off 38, cracking stuff.


The Badger wine connoisseur, politely suggesting to all what sort of wine one should be enjoying with their Italian meal which was appreciated. A somewhat unfortunate/deserving victim dependant upon your viewpoint, of fining sessions but saw everything off. A tippidy top cricketing return for him alongside numerous wonderful catches, he also hit the winning runs of the last game with a six.


Worst dramsmaster ever. His slapdash attitude to measurements being one of the contributing factors to some “issues” in an Italian restaurant. Did hit Dolli for four off his first ball in the intra club game though, so swings and roundabouts. Took the crown of most wickets taken/runs against a bowler so a mixed bag cricket wise.


The man who organised the tour. Fantastic efforts on all counts, location, accommodation, cricket and pies. Let me third wheel with him and Jo around Prague for a bit after J Lee/Candice rejected me so further ledge points added. Also had a good time in the middle with tour best figures of 2-34 and numerous sweeps for four in the intra club game. Cheers Masky (and to Jo) lets hope next year is as sensational.

Saturday 29th August 2015 Czech 11 Czech 11 vs Badgers Battersea Badgers

Czech 11 254 for 8 (40 overs)

  • Unknown 93 (0)
  • Unknown 65 (0)
  • Unknown 22 (0)
  • Maskell-New 2/34 (6)
  • Hamblin 2/48 (8)
  • Cade 2/50 (7)

Battersea Badgers 211 for 10 (37 overs)

  • Marchant 75 (112)
  • Cornish 37 (27)
Full scorecard
Sunday 30th August 2015 Brno Brno vs Badgers Battersea Badgers

Battersea Badgers 150 for 10 (20 overs)

  • Jinks 48 (38)
  • Lee 26 (24)
  • Morse 20 (17)
  • Unknown 4/27 (4)
  • Unknown 3/24 (4)

Brno 162 for 7 (20 overs)

  • Unknown 89 (0)
  • Unknown 21 (0)
  • Blake 3/26 (4)
  • Cade 2/46 (4)
Full scorecard
Sunday 30th August 2015 Bohemians Bohemians vs Badgers Battersea Badgers

Bohemians 127 for 8 (20 overs)

  • Unknown 35 (39)
  • Unknown 24 (17)
  • Cade 3/29 (4)
  • Marchant 2/12 (2)

Battersea Badgers 133 for 1 (12.3 overs)

  • Cornish 80 (37)
  • Dollimore 30 (29)
Full scorecard
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