Old rivals Battersea Badgers and KRCSC met on a hot day at King Edward’s Recreation Ground (presumably he never visited) in Chessington, and despite some nervous moments it was the Badgers who were to enjoy a whole world of adventures on the cricket pitch that afternoon.

It’s not known who won the toss but the Badgers opening batsmen soon found themselves scurrying to the crease for a hard afternoon’s slog. Marchant fell early before Shone, showing no gratitude for his lift to the game gave skipper Warman out lbw a few overs later. Maskell showed some nice touches and Mcluskey was unlucky to be caught for a duck, but the Badgers found themselves in some discomfort at 51-4. Despite the wickets falling around him Cloke clung to the crease like a clinging thing, guiding the badgers to 67 before being caught and bowled by Watson for 20. It was then time for the Accenture partnership to take to the crease but despite much consulting with his partner and a brand new stick Barker fell cheaply and Shone was swift to follow, though he did play one shot on the off side. Morse then got stuck in, giving the KRCSC bowlers a quick inspection before dashing to 48 runs from 38 balls. The Badgers were looking a little less rabid now at 121-8 but more was required, desired and eventually acquired due to a stellar innings from Josh Lee, wowing local tramps, an attractive girl, and her dog with his much forward defensive stroke. Thorpe provided some brief support (not like that) but it was Foord, clearly focussed on the task in hand who was to escort the Badgers to their final total. Feasting on the KRCSC bowling like a hungry thing with two mouths he cut, pulled, and of course drove his way to 56 from 37 deliveries, the badgers closing on 222 all out.

Several Welsh Cakes later the KRCSC openers skipped out to the crease knowing they were going to have to bat very well to be in with a shout of victory. Foord and Morse opened up the bowling, finding early swing and early wickets as they worked their way through the KRCSC top order. Thorpe also got in on the act with one of his own, leaving KRCSC on 26-6 and looking in some trouble. The Badgers had fielding superbly, Lee in particular impressing some local drunks with his long barrier. The KRCSC middle order provided some resistance, guiding their team past 50, but it was to be short lived as Thorpe and Maskell cleared up the rest of the Kings Road batsmen with the aid of some impressive catching from Foord and Mcluskey and some even more impressive banter from Cloke.

All in all it was a pleasing performance from the Badgers, who under skipper Warman remain in search of their elusive first loss of the season.

Saturday 5th June 2010 Badgers Battersea Badgers vs KRCSC Kings Road Cricket and Social Club

Battersea Badgers 223 for 10 (39 overs)

  • Foord 56 (37)
  • Morse 48 (38)
  • Lee 30 (57)
  • Cloke 20 (27)
  • Da Silva 3/49 (8)
  • Watson 2/17 (6.5)
  • Couldrey 2/43 (8)

Kings Road Cricket and Social Club 74 for 10 (23 overs)

  • Swann 21 (0)
  • Foord 3/20 (5)
  • Thorpe 3/35 (8)
  • Morse 2/3 (4)
  • Maskell-New 2/6 (3)
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