Due in no small part to the sterling work of our stand in skipper for the day, Mr Foord, the Badgers having contacted approx 86% of the cricket playing population of London managed to get a team together, and even some players for the Hawks.

In time honoured fashion the toss was lost and off the Badgers went to bat, and in time honoured fashion Rory was late and was unable to take up his opening spot. Enter Cade and Cloke! These most-handsome of chaps (if I do say so myself) put on 57 for the first 10 before making sure everyone got a go. We then saw lovely 20s and 30s from Dollimore, Hodgson, Foord and Rann including a set of Dollimore advances down the wicket, a Randy six behind square and some Foord biffing. However the clear highlight was some classical Bam-Bam thwacking on his way to 46 off not many balls and some amusement as he sought a 50 before the 35 overs was up.

After a rather impressive tea it was time for a field. The Hawks went on the offensive and were rocketing along with the run rate of 8ish with wickets seeming slightly tricky to get. Along came Thomas, making up for his tardiness, to remove the Hawks main biffer. What then followed was three more wickets for the baby-faced Balham boy and as the quality of batting reduced (but full marks to the Texan for having a go having never played cricket before) a five-for looked certain. Of course there was then a procession of near chances, balls going just over fielders heads, some spectacular drops until eventually he picked up his fifth wicket, and his second Michelle of the season. Other highlights included one of the more impressive missed run-out chances from Foord having just minutes previously gone through his champagne moment win in 2013 for a direct hit run-out.

Overall a super day out and a good way for the Badgers to get back to winning ways. Thanks to Nick et al for searching high and wide for players, and to Randy, Ian, Tom and Peter for playing.

Saturday 13th August 2016 Badgers Battersea Badgers vs Hawks Hammersmith Hawks

Battersea Badgers 255 for 6 (35 overs)

  • Mackrell 45 (23)
  • Cloke 36 (53)
  • Foord 28 (23)
  • Dollimore 27 (36)
  • Hodgson 26 (32)
  • Cade 20 (32)

Hammersmith Hawks 170 for 10 (27.4 overs)

  • Unknown 59 (42)
  • Unknown 24 (14)
  • Unknown 22 (34)
  • Thomas 5/39 (7)
  • Lambert 2/46 (6)
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